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Who are we
EOTAS is a Dutch Non Government Organisation wich supports Deaf Education through a partner organisation in Tanzania. The Dutch organisation consists of a board of specialists in the field of Deaf education and project development. Being deaf in Tanzania means that children often do not get the opportunity to receive an education and lead a dignified life of self-reliance. We aim to establish a complete education program, from preschool up to professional training in a safe and positive environment. In addition, we support parents with raising their deaf child. For the children with residual hearing, we issue hearing aids. If the child is profound deaf, than is communication by speech very difficult, therefore we use total communication with Tanzanian sign language. Our groups in the classrooms are small (max. 12 children). The teachers receive additonal training from our volunteer specialists and at Tanzanian training centres. EOTAS has a program coordinator in Tanzania, who assists with capacity building, financial management, construction projects and school management.